How You Can Get the Best Mortgage Deal for Your Needs if You are a First-Time Buyer

If you’re thinking about getting a mortgage deal so you can buy your first home you’ve made a great decision, after all for most of us getting a home without a mortgage is an impossible proposition. By taking the time to visit our website you have made the first step to becoming a home owner.

A lot of consideration needs go into a mortgage contract in order to make it work to your advantage. It can all be a little intimidating when you are a first-time buyer, this is why it is important to recruit a mortgage advisor that can give you the sound advice you deserve. This is where Open Vision Finance (OVF) come in, we are here to help.

Wondering how to plan the best for your future? Here’s how you can get the best mortgage deal for your needs if you are a first-time buyer.

Options, options, options

Options regarding interest rates, terms of payment and duration. There are many varied options out there However in essence the two most important factors will be your interest rate (fixed or variable) and the number of payment periods. It has to work for you. This is where OVF can help, we enable you to shop around and get whole of market interest rates, instead of committing to the first mortgage offer that your bank or building society can offer you. We can find mortgages that offer excellent rates for first time buyers that can come with great incentives such as free legal or cash back.

Looking at your finances

You’ll need to prove that you are responsible with your own finances and a person who honors their creditors. The bank or building society will do a credit background check to assure that you have the credit history that proves you can make payments on time.  It’s okay to have debt when applying for a mortgage as long as you can show that you are faithful in paying them back. Be realistic on what you can set aside each month, not just right now but in the future as well.

Various types

To assure yourself that you get the best deal possible, get as much information about the different types of mortgages and discuss your options with different lenders first, as confirmed by the Bristol mortgages online specialists from Open Vision Finance.

In order to get the mortgage that is right for you, you need not only make sure that you understand the propositions of the various lenders, you also need to make sure you can impress upon them that you and your property are worth the investment and present very little risk to the lender.







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