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The UK has been blessed with a free to use health service (The NHS) so why pay for something you could theoretically get for free?

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Private medical insurance (PMI) is simply medical cover, for many different illnesses and treatments you may require.

Private medical insurance gives you unlimited health care in a private ward or hospital dependent on your location, this will mean you would not have to wait for long delays to see a GP like the current NHS system. Generally PMI users are very impressed and pleased they have paid for the insurance, many stating that compared to the NHS the private wards and hospitals have very no waiting lists, a higher level of cleanliness, and a general improvement in quality and customer care.

What does it cover?

Private medical insurance covers many general illnesses and operations, some dependent on the lender and the cost, generally the insurance will cover you if you were to require essential treatments such as surgery, consultations, and general hospital care but typically excludes treatments for anything drug related, and also any accident and emergency treatments.

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