Life cover

Life cover or insurances, provide a contract between you and your insurer that confirms if you were to decease during the period of the contract.

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The insurer would pay out a lump sum to loved ones if this were to happen, providing them with little financial worries such as household bills, education fees, mortgages etc.

There are two types of life insurance available:

  • Level Term Assurance: Assists family members financially if you were to die between the fixed period (for example if a contract was signed for 20 years then the person were to die in the 20 years the money will be released after a claim has been made.)
  • Mortgage Term Assurance: designed to assist in paying off the remaining mortgage.

If you have already been diagnosed with pre-existing medical conditions, don’t worry, Open Vision finance have advisors on hand to suggest the best insurers for different circumstances, and are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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