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Home moving surveys will assist you in finding out the condition of the property, including any problems, which are not visible to the eye, a home survey is completed when you have an offer accepted on the property you are interested in and once the survey has been completed, gives you potential negotiation paths to follow and to take into consideration any repair costs which may be required. Although a home survey is not required by law, the document provides piece of mind for buyers which is great, there are three different surveys available:

Condition report

This report type is the most basic available, providing you with an overview of the properties condition and briefly mentioning any issue which may need attention. The report is easy to understand and provides the user with a color grader (similar to the traffic light system) for how well the property performed. This report is best suited for newer properties, which are in general good condition, providing you with piece of mind to go ahead with the purchase.

Homebuyers Report

More detailed survey than the condition report, this will provide more in depth insights into the property, including items such as damp and subsidence, inside the report the surveyor will include potential advice for any repairs which may need to be undertaken and will be sure to point out any items in the property which may fall short of the building regulations. The Homebuyers report will only be surface level inspection so for example the surveyor will not search behind cupboards and in attics and will judge the condition on what is visible. This report is ideal for properties new to old (in generally good condition) and provides peace of mind for the potential buyer.

Buildings Survey

The top-level survey available, for a reason. This survey is best suited for older and unusual properties, typically in poor condition requiring extensive work to bring the property back to original living quality. The survey is the most thorough of all surveys, suggesting any maintenance and repairs required including a more thorough search underneath floorboards, behind furniture and in the attic. The report can also include the projected costs and timescale of repairs required which can then be used to decide a true value for the property taking into consideration repairs and costs.

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